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    Create a deal for your products or services in minutes when you register for a OneGo account.
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    Post and sell your deal on the OneGo app and promote it on , and anywhere online.
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    Redeem deals online or in-store easily and securely with OneGo Merchant apps.
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    Get paid directly into your bank account, after a customer redeems a deal in your store.
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The OneGo advantage

  OneGo Groupon Amazon Ebay
No cut in your sales revenue Yes No No No
Set your own deal terms Yes No No No
Start or stop your deal at any time Yes No No No
Engage with your customers directly Yes No No No
No responsibility for expired deals Yes No No No

Here’s the real deal

Selling deals on OneGo is FREE and you always keep 100% of your revenue. While other deal sites dictate terms to merchants, on OneGo you can create the deal you want - set the size of the discount, time and quantity to sell, and start or stop the deal at any time.

OneGo deals are HASSLE FREE for you and your customers. Customers get OneGo credit for unredeemed and expired deals. No more unhappy and confused customers with expired deals coming to your doors.

Here’s the real deal
Why ‘deal’?

Why ‘deal’?

The OneGo deal is a highly effective form of advertising that directly captures customers and locks-in their cash for your business.

Customers love deals not only because of the discount, but because they’re easy to purchase instantly and redeem at their convenience.

The limited availability and timing of deals creates a sense of urgency making the shopping experience fun and exciting.

Retain your customers

On OneGo you can retain the newly acquired customers and reach out and reward your existing customers with personalized deals.

Using OneGo analytics choose a specific segment of your customers and create a unique deal for them. Your customers will not only feel appreciated but will be more likely to purchase a personalized deal.

Retain your customers

There is never a charge for making deals on OneGo

  • No fees for posting deals
  • No set-up or monthly fees
  • No other fees, period.

You only pay for bank card processing (2.90% + 30¢ per transaction) of redeemed deals.

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